Sharing Info in Real-time With 270 stores and over 2000 employees serving over 2M travellers a year, STA Travel is the known leader in the youth travel industry. STA Travel is constantly looking at their retail spaces, making sure they are evolving the way they operate and communicate to align with the shifting needs and wants of their millennial audience.

STA Travel recognised the opportunity to utilise their large active social communities, to enhance social proof and to highlight their customers’ adventures in real-time. Working off this idea, STA Travel partnered with us to build something new: a series of content visualisations that updated live in their flagship store in Victoria, London.

Just after one month of displaying live tweets, Instagram images of real-life adventures in real-time in their brick-and-mortar store was enough to convince senior management to take the idea global. Thus, we developed Relay to scale these content visualisations, mixing STA Travel’s own videos and advertising with their live user content, and we are now rolling it out in all of STA Travel’s stores globally to replicate our initial success.

STA Travel’s Global Creative Director Tor White added “It’s been fantastic rolling out our new digital signage system using Buzz Radar. We have a complex retail infrastructure globally, but now are able to house all of our display content centrally, control it all through the intuitive command centres in each market, and most importantly: leverage our social conversations by bringing them into our retail environment to create a really omnichannel experience for our customer. They can wander into our store – checking out great deals, talk with our Travel Experts, flick through our new digital brochures on iPads, and check out what our customers are actually saying (and generally getting really envious!!) through the BuzzRadar integration in our digital screens.”