plug-in predictive social intelligence

AI powered,
human driven insight
that supercharges


Social Intelligence tools
powered by AI
and driven by experts

Plug-in Predictive Social Intelligence

We trawl the sea of marketing data created around your brand, and use the latest AI and the best human expertise to turn this information into actionable, intelligent insights that transform your brand's future.

You'll receive precise recommendations that are evidence-based, measurable and designed to create cost-effective impact—tailored to the needs of your brand. This is beyond mere social listening: it's a new world of true social intelligence.



Trend Intelligence

Trend Intelligence uses advanced predictive machine learning models combined with millions of data points from across social and the web. Our AI spots patterns in the data that are invisible to the human eye to accurately predict shifts in your audience, and our team helps you understand how to take advantage of them.

This technology can discover nascent trends, prompt you to create content before the trend goes viral, predict the behaviour and attitude of your audience to new campaigns, or forecast movements in your social KPIs before they happen.


Audience Intelligence

Reveal what makes your customers tick. Our technology uses deep natural language understanding alongside AI to psychometrically analyse any target audience you choose. Learn about their interests, professions, the personality traits that guide their behaviour and categorise them into custom personas.

Our team then uses these insights to help you develop truly data-driven strategy and creative content that's already proven to resonate with your audience, delivered under strict GDPR compliance.


Content Intelligence

Content Intelligence analyses social media posts from any platform globally, using natural language understanding and visual AI alongside audience intelligence to uncover the types of content that drive engagement.

This means we can predict how certain content will resonate with your target audience in advance. With Content Intelligence, we capture and analyse your website, social channels and even press releases, and test them instantly against custom virtual audiences created using machine learning—providing straightforward recommendations on how to optimise your content.


Reputational Intelligence

The most worrying conversations about your brand are the ones you may not hear about until it's too late. Reputational Intelligence is our way to find out, and explain how you can turn negative audiences around.

We analyse online conversations in real time to understand, measure and predict harmful narratives, and measure the success of changes you make. Our experts don't just present the figures and data: we're by your side, working with you to create strategies, test and iterate to gain tangible results faster.