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Every business generates buzz. But they can't always hear it. Technology capable of capturing millions of data points in an instant is the tool, but it's not the solution. Only human-powered insights and judgement can lead to real, lasting change.

Our data-driven reports take the information gained from our technology and present it in a way that you can trust to lead to change. Each of our specialist areas provides your brand with the human expertise and experience that transforms how you hear the world.

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Data is only the beginning of the story. Insights are where things get serious. So bring on the experts—we're ready to work as your plug-in insights department, on call to help you make the right call, at the right time.

Human and Artifical Intelligence working together Advanced analytics are highly specialised, and making sense of the data takes more than training. It needs experience to understand how it relates to the present and future of your company. It also takes empathy: to decipher, but also to relate, what you need to know.

Insights on demand We will provide you with on-demand insights, giving you the information you need to make better decisions as soon as you need it. We transform the sea of data into actionable ideas and recommendations, and let your audience find you.


To understand your audience, you need to be where they are: the millions of conversations that are relevant to your brand, happening online every day. Only here can you discover how people truly feel, what they are most passionate about, and where your market is moving.

Data-driven insight and human understanding Social intelligence is the solution. A comprehensive analysis of your brand, products, competitor and market landscape by our specialists using the most advanced custom built tools available. This is more than simply listening: our Social Intelligence Audits transform how you grow your audience and business by giving you the recommendations you need the most.

Take the best decision. Fast We will deliver the insights and guidance that inform smarter, more profitable and higher performing decisions, based on a solid analysis of engagement, sentiment, volume, and resonance with followers and mentioners of your brand. You'll discover what your audience really thinks: and how you fit into the wider conversation.


You can see the future. If you know where to look. And how. Understanding what happens next in your market may seem like sorcery, but it's science—and it's already helping people in your position make better business decisions.

Discover trends before they take off Trend Discovery is your way of looking ahead and forming a reliable picture of where your next steps will lead. It's how you can frame your strategy with certainty, knowing that the next thing, is your thing.

Fuel your content and product strategy with the latest ideas We bring you a report that cuts through the mass of data to uncover the insights and actions you need to take. We listen to the people who matter on every channel, and use our data to form accurate projections of what people really want more of, so you can start planning for it.


Creating content is already challenging. Watching content fall flat, and strategies fall apart, can be catastrophic. The secret is to invest in relevance. Because content optimisation isn't about tricking your audience: it's about getting closer every day.

Craft something they care about Content Optimisation with Buzz Radar is about finding out the truth: what people really care about, and what they're talking about. This is how you engage with your audience for good, building a lasting relationship that goes beyond any single campaign.

How you build it better We deliver firm and practical recommendations for content that matters to your audience. Our insights, built on specialised social intelligence, will provide the impact, reach and relevance you need to satisfy search and serve the people who you most want to find.


A social media crisis is not an isolated incident. It’s a litmus test for how the world sees you and judges you. The nature of social media means that a free and frank exchange is to be expected—but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to put your side across, and find the most effective way to support it.

Find out what they say. When they say it Reputation Monitoring lets you spot the flashpoints happening on social media, and predict their shifts and trends. Negative conversations may have an effect on your brand, but their sources, magnitude, and duration vary wildly. Understanding their limits and reach is the difference between success and failure.

Predict negative trends before they gain momentum We can help you with an analysis of the sentiment and perception of conversations—in real time. But more than that: we give you the practical strategies that can help resolve problems and avoid their repetition. From volumetric trends to analysis of key words in conversations, to rapid alerts and crisis reporting, we can help you identify the real problem, act fast to fix it, and confirm that your actions are having a positive effect.


Where they do better. And where you can win. The age we live in is always on. And your competitors are working hard to be heard, all the time. But while your instinct may be to work hard to compete, it’s pointless unless you work smart, too.

Reach where they can. And where they can’t Competitor Analysis, through predictive social intelligence, is your ally. This is how you find the best way, the first time—saving time, money and trouble, exceeding the efforts of your competitors, and reaching the audience that needs you most.

Discover the unique ideas that give you the advantage We help by tracking online conversations and measuring the key indicators that matter, from share of voice to sentiment, engagement, and audience resonance benchmarking, giving you an accurate insight in where you sit alongside your competitors. Our recommendations will get you to the win you deserve.


Finding your audience and reaching customers is a more complex task today. But while the choices and channels change every day—every hour, at times—one thing stays the same. People listen to people.

Find the partners who can amplify your voice best Influencer Identification, using our social intelligence technology, helps you discover precisely who those people are. Who is leading the conversation that matters to you? Whose opinion is valued and sought by the public, and what matters to them?
Verify audiences, eliminate bots We help you identify the influencers and thought leaders who shape your world and affect your growth the most. Our technology can monitor all channels in real time to pinpoint the people that can help you most while verfiying that their audience is genuine and free of bots.

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