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Uncover Insights and Make Data-Driven Decisions



Discover what your audience really thinks and where your market is moving with Buzz Radar's Social Intelligence Audits. Our data-driven insights and human understanding can help you grow your audience and business by giving you the recommendations you need.


What is Social Intelligence & How can help you?

Social Intelligence is a data-driven and human-understanding approach that analyses social media conversations and other online interactions to extract insights and identify trends. It involves capturing and analysing data on the sentiments, emotions, behaviours, and opinions of customers and markets to provide a comprehensive view of their audiences and how they engage with their brand, products, and services. Social intelligence helps businesses gain a deeper understanding of their customers and competitors, identify opportunities, and make informed decisions about their marketing, sales, and customer service strategies. It provides a real-time, dynamic picture of the market landscape, offering businesses the ability to stay ahead of the curve and respond to changes in their industry as they happen.


Understanding your Audience with Social Intelligence

To truly understand your audience, you need to be where they are: the millions of conversations happening online every day that are relevant to your brand. This is where you discover how your customers and your potential customers truly feel, what they're passionate about, and where your market is moving.

The solution is social intelligence. Our Social Intelligence Audits provide a comprehensive analysis of your brand, products, competitors, and market landscape, using the most advanced custom-built tools available.


Data-Driven Insight and Human Understanding

Data is only part of the equation. We combine data-driven insights with human understanding to provide you with the most accurate and relevant recommendations. We use tools and techniques developed in-house to analyse engagement, sentiment, volume, and resonance with followers and mentioners of your brand. With our Social Intelligence Audits, you'll discover what your audience really thinks and how you fit into the wider conversation.


Take the best Decision, Fast

Markets move fast, and conversation moves faster. Insights and guidance that inform smarter, more profitable, and higher performing decisions need to be delivered quickly. Our Social Intelligence Audits are designed to help you make data-driven decisions based on solid analysis, giving you the information you need to grow your audience and business. With our help, you can make the best decision fast and stay ahead of the competition.

In addition to our Social Intelligence Audits, we offer a range of other social intelligence services designed to help you understand your audience and make data-driven decisions. From social media monitoring to real-time insights, we have the tools and expertise needed to help you succeed.

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