The FAQs

What do you want to know about Buzz Radar and Predictive Social Intelligence?

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    What data sources do you use?

    A variety of publicly available data sources include TikTok, Twitter, blogs, Reddit, news sites, Facebook, Instagram and Sina Weibo. We also collect data from specialist social media networks that are industry specific and can build integrations into new data sources as required.

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    How are you different from social listening and other social intelligence tools/agencies?

    Social listening provides insight to what is currently happening in conversation specifically mentioning keywords on social media.

    We use data science and artificial intelligence to go far deeper and further in a number of directions that allow us to understand and predict how audiences will react and behave. This is then combined with human expertise in the form of experienced analysts and strategist who provide contextual meaning to the results and make actioanable recommendations. This combination of technology and people allows us to be incredibly flexible and answer much more difficult questions than the output from a social listening tool or an agency using one.

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    What do you mean by cleaning social data?

    Social data is full of noise and without careful cleaning it can easily provide false signals that throw your insight off. We use our data science team alongside advanced algorithms in our capture technology to ensure data is a clean and reliable as posible.

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    Can you breakdown the services you offer?

    We provide insight in a number of different ways depending on your needs.

    Plug-in insights department: If you are in need of expert insight across your company across a variety of departments and campaigns our team and technology can be brought on board for either short or long term projects. We’ve done everything from provide the data driven cookbook to help relauch the social media channels of a $20B company to help predict and monitor social media crisis.

    Reporting: We can provide one off or regular reporting encompassing trends, audience, reputation and content intelligence.

    Intelligence tools: Our insights platform which includes access to all our intelligence tools and real-time data visualisaitons can be accessed through an annual or monthly subscription which includes onboarding and training training. A new account can be up and running within a few days.

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    What is AI?

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence processes by computer software.. Specific applications of AI that we use include natural language understanding, machine vision and machine Learning, to turn the data from millions social and online posts into meaningful insight about audiences.

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    What is Machine Learning?

    Machine Leanring (ML) is a type AI that allows software applications to become more accurate at predicting outcomes without being explicitly programmed to do so. Machine learning algorithms use historical data as input as training to improve it’s ability to predict outcomes.

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    How does Audeince Intellgience work?

    Audience Intelligence reads all the publicly available posts from an individual and using a wide variety of AI technolgoies learns about their personality traits, interests, professions, culture and consumer preferences that drive your audience. We then collect data from your website, social channels and press releases and test it instantly against the virtual audience created by Audience Intellience. This enables us to predict how you can adjust your creative content strategy to chime with your audience more profoundly.

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    What is NLU (Natrual Languge Understanding)?

    NLU is a branch of AI that analyzes text or speech to determine its meaning in a wide range of ways. It advanced data modelling consisting of semantics and pragmatics to define intent, sentiment, and even uncover the personality of the author. It gives the Buzz Radar Platform the ability to capture analyse and make sense of millions of social posts in near real-time.

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    Who are Buzz Radars Competitors?

    Our competitors can be placed into two groups. On one side you have social media tools, which are complicated to implement requiring not just the technology but people to run them and extract meaningful actionable insights from. On the other side you have agencies who are more used to traditional often expensive manual research methods and not specialists in technology. Combining human expertise with our advanced technology puts us in a great position to help our clients in deeper more meaningful ways than either social tools or agencies.

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    How much does Buzz Radar cost?

    We are a solutions led business, whose sole mission is to help you make better decision about your customers. Each client engagement is a bespoke mix of products and services so our commercials vary depending on your requirements. If you'd like to talk about more about what you want to achieve with your business hit Contact Us.

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    Who do you work with?

    Buzz Radar helps international brands all the way from mid-market to Enterprise improve their marketing performance. You can find a list of our clients on the Home Page and a selection of market detailed use cases on our Case Studies Page.

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    Do we have to check the technology we use to work with Buzz Radar?

    No. Depending on the scope of what we want to achieve, we can either work using your existing tools or use a mix of our platform and your data.