Plug-In Predictive
Social Intelligence

Buzz Radar's Plug-In Predictive Social Intelligence helps you understand your audience and make actionable data-driven marketing decisions.


Data-Driven Insights to Optimise
Your Marketing Strategy

With a multitude of platforms and data available, understanding your audience and making the right decisions can be difficult. We started Buzz Radar because we believe all the data you could possibly need to understand your audience is out there, but tools for pulling it together and understanding it are complicated and disjointed. Our Plug-In Predictive Social Intelligence team provides the both tools you and the expertise to help you know what your audience wants before they do.



Marketing strategies based on instinct can be risky, and yet many businesses still rely on their “gut feelings” for vital decision making. We can help you to use data-driven understanding, taking the guesswork out of your toughest marketing decisions. According to research, 26% of all marketing spend each year is wasted because of these risky instinct-based decisions. With Plug-In Predictive Social Intelligence, you can eliminate this risk and make informed decisions that are based on data, not guesswork.


Next-Generation AI
for Deep Insights

Our next-generation AI analyses billions of conversations across all of the major social media platforms, from TikTok and Instagram to Facebook, Twitter and more. Combined with our expert team of analysts we provide deep insights about your brand and audience. By analysing these conversations, we can help you understand what your audience is talking about and what they want. This knowledge helps create more effective campaigns and content strategies that are personalised to your audience's needs and desires.


Human Expertise for
Actionable Insights

AI tools are great but we can never underestimate the value of human expertise in making sense of data. That's why we combine the power of our next-generation AI with the expertise of our specialist analysts, data scientists, and strategists. Together, we transform data into actionable insights that are designed to help you make informed decisions. With our Plug-In Predictive Social Intelligence, you can create effective content strategies that are based on data driven insight, not guesswork.

Do you want to understand your audience?