Take the guesswork
out of your toughest
marketing decisions

with data-driven audience insight


Plug-In Predictive
Social Intelligence

Know what your audience wants before they do

Great marketing is getting harder. Even with a myriad of platforms and data at your disposal, understanding your audience and making the right decisions is a huge challenge. 26% of all marketing spend each year is wasted because strategy is based upon risky instinct based decisions.

Buzz Radar replaces this with data driven understanding and takes the guesswork out of your toughest marketing decisions.

Our next-generation AI analyses billions of conversations on platforms from TikTok to Twitter, revealing deep insights about your brand and audience. We combine this with human expertise from our specialist analysts, data scientists, and strategists, transforming data into actionable insights.

Helping Brands

Become Data Driven

Trusted by some of the biggest brands to understand their audience and make better marketing decisions.

Social Intelligence
Tools powered
by AI and driven by

An intelligence platform, without a team that understands your challenges, is a bit like a jet without a pilot. It looks great but it won't get you to where you need to go!

Our experts deeply integrate with your marketing organization and learn your business intimately. We'll act as your plug-in insights department sharing actionable intelligence across every department.

Intelligent technology. Human understanding

Powerful insights that drive change

Every business generates buzz and wants to truly understand its audience. But it can be difficult to separate the noise from what's really useful. Our next generation platform combined with our award winning team can help with a wide range of insights. From a quick investigation to validate a theory about a target audience to a full plug and play intelligence department deeply integrated into your business. We get to the heart of what's required and tackle the really hard questions.

Buzz Radar Health

We leverage AI-driven social intelligence to offer Life Science companies an in-depth, data-driven understanding of both patients and Healthcare Professionals. Our actionable insights enable healthcare brands to engage more effectively with their target audiences while also informing the development of more tailored treatments and products.