Making Social Insights Understandable for Company-wide Audiences

Data-driven business

The average person makes 35,000 choices per day. If we factor in that most people spend seven hours per day sleeping and not making choices, that makes roughly 2,000 decisions per hour -- or one decision every two seconds.

We crave simplicity.

This is why we’re drawn to visuals. In fact, if we visualise data, we process info 60,000 times faster. This is fewer choices.

We need a faster way to process information.

Data visualisations do that. Knowing what data to visualise is the key. Social insights can be overlooked, but it provides key data for your team. It’s breaking that data down into insights that move the needle that is the trick.

At Buzz Radar, we’ve spent the past six years refining our process so we can get our clients the data they need. Faster. In a way they can understand.

Seeing your data all together means you can make faster, more informed decisions. Knowing which social ads influence web traffic and sales data, which social posts increase clicks, which influencer tweeting about you drives traffic -- all those pieces of data live in different engines. We bring them together. It’s only when you see them next to each other, you can start to get the big picture.

It’s a mistake to think that all companies are alike. The data that one brand needs to see isn’t the data that another needs to see. This is why you need to customise your visuals. Bring the data that is relevant to the forefront. Having to weed through the noise -even if it looks nice -- doesn’t help your team’s limited attention and time.

Peruse our case studies. See how we’ve helped other brands. Or take our platform for a test drive. See the power of visualised, relevant data in the hands of your team.

Published on 2019-08-29 15:50:25