The Power Of One Tweet: The Rugby World Cup In Numbers

This year's Rugby World Cup did not disappoint. On the field, there was action and excitement -- and all that carried over to social media. Over the course of the six weeks the tournament took place, fans showed up in force. Over 5.7 million mentions and 441,000 photos were shared. The peak was the second evening of the games on September 19th when Japan shocked the world by beating South Africa, garnering 448,600 mentions. The second spike was on October 3rd when England was deemed out of the group stage, earning 321,500 mentions. And of course, the final gathered 317,400 mentions when the All Blacks were crowned champions. Not terribly surprisingly, Great Britain was a focal point of the conversation, followed by the US and Netherlands.

In the conversation, a few teams seemed to be fan favorites: England gathered 30% of the conversation, with Japan at 25%, France at 14% and Argentina at 10%. On the sponsors front, Dove was the clear winner. Garnering 36% of all mentions, their campaigns were smart and relevant. Behind them was O2 at 17%, MasterCard at 10% and Heineken at 8%.

Perhaps the most interesting stat from the games was the success of one specific tweet. @NiallOfficial won the Rugby World Cup. 2.5% of RT's were of his tweet.

The power of one tweet. Pretty impressive.

*Photo courtesy Land Rover MENA.

Published on 2015-11-05 20:19:25