More Than a Game: First Week of World Cup 2014

The world has turned their attention to the World Cup. And rightly so. Thirty-two countries play for national pride throughout 64 matches over the course of a month. With so many elite players on the pitch vying for the title, it truly is an energetic month of beautiful athleticism.

But it's not all about the sport. Since the last World Cup in 2010, the number of users on social media has grown 53%, with second screen experiences a common component of any event. As such, fans are taking to the web to share in the drama of the event. Memes are abounding -- and we're loving it.

So, while you know what has taken place on the pitch, here's our break down of the social data from the first week of games, starting with Brazil's Opening Ceremony. In the days that have followed, (looking at English-speaking social conversation), more than one million photos and 2800 short videos have been shared, with over 25 million mentions of the event in general. Despite not being a heavily favored team, the United States is leading the conversation with more than 5.4 million active users, followed by 1.5 million in Great Britain.

All this means any mistake or moment can last forever. The Internet quickly jumped on Robin van Persie's amazing goal, with #Persieing now a trend.



But van Persie isn't the only hero of the tournament. Mexico's keeper Ochoa quickly impressed fans of all nationalities with his numerous saves, keeping Mexico in the Group Stage.



While the stars definitely are shining, some teams have seen the dark underbelly of the Internet. With Spain quickly being eliminated, the social realm was not too kind with the jokes.

The Uruguay and England also proved to bring out the jokes trolling England and praising Suarez.

With the games just starting, we know there's more to come with the rest of the World Cup. And we'll be watching it all.

Published on 2014-06-20 16:09:27