As CES comes to a close… who were the winners?

As CES comes to a close...who were the winners?

As CES 2024 draws to an end for another year, it's always interesting to review which products sparked the audience’s imagination and drove the conversation. It’s been a big year for the show as it fully bounces back into its stride post-pandemic, with online numbers surging to 413,000 mentions of CES 2024 so far, a significant uptick from last year.

Driving that upswing has been an interesting array of launches, with one standout hardware innovation and some real left-field products stealing the limelight. Here’s a summary of the products that captured the most attention on social media throughout the event:

Samsung’s Translucent MicroLED Screens

A clear winner for the audience was Samsung's Translucent MicroLED screens. Garnering around 30,000 mentions, these screens were a significant topic of discussion. An innovation in electronics and materials, they had that magic combination of feeling super futuristic yet tangible, driving the discussion.

Shifall Mutalk2

One of the wonderful things about CES is that it showcases smaller product launches that are so different they capture the imagination of the audience. The Shifall Mutalk2, a VR-focused sound-insulated microphone, was a surprise hit, gaining traction with roughly 15,000 mentions. This attention was largely driven by a tweet from AV Watch highlighting the product's unique appeal.

Sony’s PlayStation 5

Sony's CES social marketing, as always, was on point, and its PlayStation 5 announcements generated conversation from multiple angles. It was far more varied than the other products, with the Last of Us Part II Remastered booth and the new coloured cases reveal to the controller being used to drive the Sony Honda Afeela driving a steady stream of conversation with about 7,000 mentions.

Noteworthy Mention: Sony Honda Afeela

The Sony Honda Afeela also deserves recognition, contributing to the overall conversation around Sony’s products at CES 2024, with around 5,000 mentions.

The Posts That Drove the Conversation

The top shared content pieces were:

As CES 2024 comes to a close, these products have not only been the centre of tech discussions but have also demonstrated the integral role of online conversation in setting tech trends.

Our post-show report will go into much more detail about how online communities react to all the different trends, brands, and announcements at CES 2024, and you can sign up for it here! And we look forward to seeing you all next year!

Published on 2023-01-12 08:01:05