Who were the winners on Media Day of CES 2024? Let’s look at the data.

Who were the winners on Media Day of CES 2024? Let’s look at the data.

CES 2024 kicked off in Las Vegas for media on Monday, January 8, and there are already products and brands causing a huge splash, especially Samsung’s eye-catching space-age transparent MicroLED screens. We’ve been the Official CES Data Partner for the event since 2014, and each year, we dig into the online conversation to see who is already making a splash in terms of global impact and reach.

Social Media Surge

The event generated a massive wave on social platforms, with 79.5k posts across various channels, reaching a potential 3.7 billion pairs of eyes. Remarkably, that is around half of the population of Earth. This figure is a 166% increase in posts from the previous day, showing us the growing global interest in CES. The reach also saw a 371% hike – once CES starts, the tech world takes notice.

CES in Conversations

Since January 7, CES 2024 has been mentioned 109k times, reaching a potential audience of 4.4 billion people worldwide. This translates to a consistent and energised audience.

Brand Spotlight: Samsung

Samsung, whose “AI for All” presentation was one of the most anticipated of the day, emerged as an early standout. Capturing an 18% share of voice among brands, Samsung's Transparent MicroLED screens became a focal point, generating 7k shares and reaching over 12 million people, as shown in a viral tweet by Adrian Dittmann (view tweet), which amassed over 6 million impressions within 24 hours. Another video showing off Samsung's eye-catching screens secured the third spot in terms of popularity (view tweet).

Unexpected Highlights

CES can always take us by surprise — contrasting with high-tech products, a tweet about a curved escalator became the second most popular post (view tweet).

Product Innovations

As we predicted in yesterday’s blog, healthcare innovations, such as Abbott Laboratories' mixed-reality blood donation experience, and AI products like L’Oreal’s next-generation beauty products (more on that in today’s keynote address) and Eureka’s multifunctional home appliance are already big talking points. We can expect more focus on merging technology with everyday life as the event continues, a trend reflected in the wide-ranging social media discussions. That’s also clear from Samsung's advancements in AI and smart home technology, highlighted by the revamped Ballie, a personal robot companion. We were also expecting some big splashes in gaming, and true to form, Razer's introduction of the Razer Blade 16 gaming laptop was a big talking point.

As Day One gets underway, we expect to see more AI integration, though we’ll put money on the fact that the product we’ll all be discussing tomorrow is one we’ve not even heard of yet. That’s the joy of CES. If you’re at the event, check out all the trends and updates at the Official Discovery Wall, powered by Buzz Radar – right in the Grand Lobby of the LVCC.

Published on 2023-01-9 09:01:36