CES 2024 – Which Keynotes Got the Most Buzz?

CES 2024 – Which Keynotes Got the Most Buzz?Image Credit: William Burgess

As CES 2024 reaches its midpoint, we’re turning our attention to big product launches and keynotes that are such an important part of this event and the global tech calendar. The focus this year is on AI and novel technologies, but there’s more than that going on here. The growing presence of diverse industry players has been particularly striking. Let's delve into the data:

Day 2 Keynote Analysis

Total Mentions and Impressions

The day saw 97k mentions of CES across social platforms, reaching 5.93 billion potential unique impressions. While this is a natural decrease in conversation volume compared to Day One, it is only a 2% drop in reach.

HD Hyundai (29% Share):

HD Hyundai led the discussion with their digital transformation keynote, drawing significant attention. They got a boost from K-Pop star G-Dragon, who has been doing the rounds of the big South Korean tech brands.

Walmart (29% Share):

Walmart's talk on AI-enhanced shopping and drone delivery systems sparked considerable interest. This is a great example of how CES 2024 is showcasing a lot of products and services that look like the future.

Siemens (26% Share):

Siemens' partnership with Sony on immersive engineering certainly turned heads, highlighting VR's role in future workplaces — again this is the audience responding to tangible tech that feels futuristic.

L’Oréal (16% Share):

L’Oréal's presentation on their AI chatbot for beauty advice, while highly relevant to their consumers, didn't make as significant an impact, as CES attendees are hyper focused on products and innovation this year.

Overall Impact and Reach

Since the First Media Day:

Since the start of CES 2024, there have been 348k social posts about the event, reaching a combined potential audience of 16 billion.

Top Industries:

AI, robotics, and automotive technology are still leading the way this year. Though there’s also growing interest in welfare and healthcare tech, which should gain some traction with talks today on beauty, biotech and the impact of industry on health.

Other highlights from Day 3:

Wearable Technology:

The rise of smart rings, including the AmazFit Helio Ring and Movano Health's Evie Ring, indicates a trend towards more subtle, wearable tech.

Solar Tech and Portable Monitors:

Jackery's solar generator concepts and Asus's foldable monitor continue a theme that was very noticeable at last year’s event: the importance of sustainability.

Sony's XR Headset:

Sony's high-end XR headset marks their foray into virtual reality, catering to 3D content creators and engineers.

As CES heads into the home stretch, we’ll keep you updated on the biggest buzz items this year. If you’re hanging out in Vegas, check out all the trends and updates at the Official Discovery Wall, powered by Buzz Radar – right in the Grand Lobby of the LVCC.

Published on 2023-01-11 09:21:06