CES 2024 Day One – Who Were the Most Talked About Brands?

CES 2024 Day One – Who Were the Most Talked About Brands?

After a busy media day, CES 2024 kicked off properly on Tuesday, and it’s already looking like a vintage year. Day One was dominated by big names (Samsung, Sony, NVIDIA), though there was room for some CES WTF moments, as Mashable reported here.

As we predicted earlier in the week, the data indicated that this year would be dominated by AI tech, and that’s proving to be the case, though our hunch that auto and welfare would also be major themes is certainly being born out by the conversations we’re seeing online.

Here’s what we’ve learned from analysing the thousands of social media posts generated across the day:

Surge in Social Engagement

The buzz around CES 2024 is undeniable, with a staggering 143k posts across social platforms, resulting in an enormous 6.07 billion potential unique impressions. Yesterday, the potential reach was half the population of the Earth. Today, it’s almost the entire population of the Earth (that’s potential reach, remember – we’re not claiming almost everyone on the planet is looking at posts about TVs and electric cars). Compared to yesterday, the volume of conversation has surged by 80%, and the reach has expanded by 66%. Since the Media Day kick-off, CES has garnered 252k mentions with a reach of 10.5 billion – that’s a huge global impact.

Top Three Brands

Samsung (13% Share of Voice)

Samsung's Transparent MicroLED screens continue to captivate audiences, featured in two of the three most shared content pieces. South Korean singer G-Dragon's appearance at their booth also added some showbiz pizazz and viral star power.

Sony (10% Share of Voice)

We’ve said before that, following the demise of E3, gaming was finding a new home at CES, and we’re seeing that play out here. Sony's buzz largely stems from their booth dedicated to the remaster of the classic Last of Us Part II, as well as new PS5 slim covers. The Ghostbusters experience booth, which allows players to charge around New York in the iconic Ecto 1, and a novel demonstration of driving a Sony Honda EV with a PlayStation controller are also incredibly popular.

NVIDIA (7% Share of Voice)

NVIDIA's big hit so far is the new 40 Super Line of cards and AI processing powers. Their technology's integration into other brands' products, alongside the RTX version of Half-Life 2, generates a lot of attendee interest.

Industry Spotlight

The day's conversations have been heavily skewed toward AI (25%), Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility (14%), and Home Entertainment & Office Hardware (13%). It will be interesting to see how this changes after tonight’s retail-themed keynotes.

Most Shared Content

Topping the charts is a tweet from Togg, showcasing a video of one of their cars. This is closely followed by two tweets focusing on Samsung and its innovative TV technology, the latter of which has over 12 million views. It's proving to be a very good year for Samsung.

We can’t wait to see how things change as CES continues into Day 2!

Published on 2024-01-10 09:11:26