The Week That Was CES 2020

Another year at CES is in the books! The week was full of blue sky innovation, practical tech solutions, and inspiration. We saw Delta show us how technology will change how we fly. Mercedes inspired us with the wildest vision of the future of cars. Samsung spooked us with some of the most realistic AI Avatars. Quibi intrigued us with a new way of consuming media. Sony surprised us with a new electric car concept.

And that just scratched the surface. Even more exciting, after our analysis, it lines up with the types of personalities that attend and are attracted to CES.

Here at Buzz Radar, we were able to analyse hundreds of personalities throughout the week, not to mention the aggregate analysis of the online conversation. 29% of attendees are Thought Leaders, and 24% are Discovers, making up a bulk of the audience. With the launch of the CES Attendee Analyzer, we adapted our groundbreaking psychometric audience profiling AI to analyse individual attendees, so they can learn about what kind of attendee personality type they are and based on that what parts of the show will inspire them most. Even more, we were able to go deeper and provide a personalised report that gave insights into their purchasing behaviour, what motivates them, and their general inclinations.

Our goal was to show how tech and AI can inform your decisions and provide insights on a practical level. We were quite really thrilled to have been featured as MCI Group’s one of six favourite innovations:

And don’t worry if you missed CES 2020! We’re compiling a comprehensive report that will give you all the highlights. Sign up to get yours by emailing us at

Published on 2020-01-21 09:00:00