The Visual Craving: 13 Reasons Visualisations Win

We gotta believe it to see it. We are visually wired as people. It takes our brains only 150 milliseconds to process a symbol -- compare that with reading this sentence. But this wiring really helps us.

We are dealing with information overload. We receive over five times more information today than we did in 1986. That means visuals help us comprehend all that info faster and allocate it to appropriate memory storage. For example, we only read about 28% of the words on a website the first time we visit. We're scanning the words and processing the images first and foremost to determine if we should invest more time into it. Putting text and data into visualisations increases what we retain and helps us process that info at lightning speeds.

So, as we continue down this path, ask yourself if you are presenting your information in the most compelling and engaging way. If not, we can help.

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Published on 2015-12-04 08:00:17