The Power of Storytelling: The Full Cannes Lions 2014 Story

The 61st Annual Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity was true to it's name, inspiring more than 18,000 photos and videos, including Vine stories of the winners, and 144k social mentions. The highlighted themes at the festival included storytelling, women in advertising and the Award for Humanitarian Efforts, given to Bono of U2 for his work on AIDS campaigns.

Throughout the course of the week, #OgilvyCannes echoed in everyone's ears, with a brilliant social campaign, as well as many award wins. During the week, the brand raked up almost 40k mentions online. Twitter's #LiveStories brought together Sir Patrick Stewart, drone selfie machines and a documentary about their platform that was half-filmed previous to Cannes and contained live interviews at the festival.

The week did not stay in France, reaching over 1.4 billion online. Ogilvy continued to lead the way for brands being talked about, with Twitter in second place. In fact, Ogilvy popped up more than the official account for Cannes Lions followed by @Scullather, @JaredLeto, @NeilTyson and @Red.

The crowds were most captivated by the Film Craft Awards, followed by Product Design. And we must congratulate Ogilvy's Tham Khai Meng, CCO, the most popular speaker. Bono is second most popular, with Keith Weed and Jared Leto also very popular speakers. Not too surprising, the most RTed tweet showcased Bono:

The importance of getting to the hearts and minds of consumers has never been more present at the festival, and the creatives this year will go home to spread that word about the power of storytelling. We were honored to help showcase the data and social trends coming out of the festival.

Published on 2014-06-26 01:20:42