The Grand Slam: Wimbledon 2015

Wimbledon 2015 proved to be a big success, on and off the court with over 7.4 million viewers tuning in to see Djokovic defend his title against Federer. Coupled with Serena Williams' dominance (and praise as the world's greatest female athlete), the matches may not have given much surprise, but it served up plenty of online conversation.

From Williams dancing to clothing bans, the buzz was high with 3.7 million tweets throughout the tournament. Not surprisingly, Williams and Djokovic were top mentioned athletes during the event. In addition, companies, like Jaguar, used the event for exciting media campaigns. Data was a major theme. Using biometrics, Jaguar presented the real emotional picture of the tournament. And IBM recorded every action, spitting out mounds of data around each match. Both of these campaigns earned the companies top spots in the sponsor mentions around Wimbledon.

Check out all the social data from the tournament below, and share your highlights with us!

Published on 2015-07-15 17:20:11