Straight From The Source: Your Twitter Data

We don’t have to tell you: your data is important. It provides you the insight to make the best decisions. So, we work hard to partner directly with data sources to ensure you have the best data available at all times. Since our inception, we’ve been in regularly communication with all the major platforms, like Twitter, Google, Instagram and Facebook. These partnerships are important to us, and we greatly value them.

Recently, Twitter made an announcement that the Twitter Firehose will be shut off and all data services will go via Gnip, their latest acquisition. You may be wondering: how does this impact me and my data?

It doesn’t. Because we are in regular communication with our partners, we had already been paving the way for this transition. We are excited to say our data integrity remains intact and our clients can rest easy. Twitter has made this process smooth for us, and we look forward to the new depths of data this move makes for all who use our platform.

As Head of Twitter Ecosystem, Zach Hofer-Shall, has said:
“One of the reasons Twitter acquired Gnip was because Twitter believes the best way to support the distribution of Twitter data is to have direct data relationships with its data customers – the companies building analytic solutions using Twitter’s data and platform. Direct relationships help Twitter develop a deeper understanding of customer needs, get direct feedback for the product roadmap, and work more closely with data customers to enable the best possible solutions for the brands that rely on Twitter data to make better decisions.”

Our direct relationship with Twitter gives you the best solution possible for your data, and you can rest assured all your data is unlocked with us.

Published on 2015-04-15 08:00:31