Scotland Decides: A Social Look At The Independence Referendum

On Thursday, September 18th, the people of Scotland will make possibly one of the most important decisions in British history. There are only two options: Yes or No.

If "Yes" wins, then Scotland will no longer be part of the United Kingdom and become a fully independent country.

We at Buzz Radar have been monitoring the discussion around the campaigns by both positions. We've included keywords, such as "better together", to give the biggest possible view of the conversation. We're also highlighting the most influential voices to see who could sway the vote and the key topics in the debate.

You can see our real-time visualisation here.

With an unprecedented 97% of the population expected to vote, social media may not tell the whole story, but it can certainly tell us which campaign is getting people talking more.

As we've been monitoring the conversation hour-by-hour, we're noticing a lot more support for the Yes campaign.

With both campaigns switching places in the polls in the last couple of days, could the enthusiasm around the Yes campaign demonstrated in our findings be reflected when it comes to the poll crunch or will there be a silent majority not seen on social media?

Only time will tell but for now keep your eyes on our real-time tracker to see which campaign is winning the online battle.

Published on 2014-09-12 04:00:55