Making Your Real-time Moment Magic for America's Big Game

In less than 10 days, America hosts their Big Game, with millions tuned in for the game. Considering last year over 75% of brands integrated social into their advertising spots during the final, we want to help you stay in the know around the game. Getting the most out of an event like this, requires planning and creativity. We saw what can happen during last year's World Cup and created a guide to maximizing real-time moments in worldwide events.

Leading in these events also takes being prepared. So, to help you do this, we will be tracking all the social conversation around America’s biggest game this year, providing insights and the opportunity for fans, brands and agencies to create their own real-time marketing moment.

In addition to providing a free standard visualisation for fans all around the world to stay engaged, we’ll also offer brands and agencies the opportunity to partner with us ahead of America’s Big Game to ensure they are tracking the most important keywords, topics and competitors to make the most of the game.

Since our data is visualised in real-time, you get the fastest insights possible. See the data leading up to the game, and contact us to learn more about our partnership opportunities leading up to the big game. And of course, let us know what you expect to be the major marketing moments of the game.

Published on 2015-01-23 14:47:53