Learning about your Audience

One of the key components of any event is knowing what your audience wants. With a virtual event, you have more flexibility. Speakers don’t have to travel; sponsors can tailor content more specifically while cutting costs; you can adjust topics based on responses. You could do focus groups, surveys to try to understand what would enhance your event most. Or you could rely on data. Starting with your target audience is the first step.

We want to equip brands with insights and data that moves the needle. Imagine if you knew who your audience was -- what they leaned to, how they preferred to get communications and marketing, and most importantly, what drives them?

When working with brands, we gather data around who is paying attention and interacting with your company. We aggregate it; anonymise it; and then run it through our AI. What comes out is a comprehensive report on your audience. We tell you what personalities make up your audience, the biggest factors in those personalities, and how they communicate. We’re able to make real-time recommendations on your content based on it.

Learning About Your Audience

For events looking to go remote, we can help you determine what speakers and personalities are most important to your audience. We can help sponsors tailor their activations and deliver content that will resonate. We can help decide what topics are of most importance.

All this means that you are delivering better content all around to your audience.

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Published on 2020-09-07 16:56:09