Introducing the Social Maturity Score for Life Sciences

Introducing the Social Maturity Score for Life Sciences

The intersection of social media and artificial intelligence (AI) has opened unprecedented opportunities for industries worldwide. Particularly for life sciences, a sector where the stakes of communication are high, and the regulatory landscape is stringent, leveraging social data through AI is an incredibly useful tool that solves problems and provides genuinely useful, actionable, reliable and ethically sound data. We’ve been working with Pharma and Life Science businesses for a while now, working with ViiV Healthcare, GSK, Convatec and more, and we’ve learned a lot about the industry in that time. Combined with our experience learned over a decade in AI and machine learning tools in the social space, we’ve been able to tailor a bespoke metric that can measure and enhance online influence designed specifically for the challenges of that market: the Social Maturity Score for Life Sciences.

Unpacking the Social Maturity Score

Innovation and precision are vital in Life Sciences, but that innovation can be difficult to apply to digital marketing strategies, particularly in social media, where businesses must operate within a web of regulatory considerations which shift from market-to-market. Traditional metrics often fall short of capturing the unique challenges and opportunities within this space. The Social Maturity Score addresses this gap by offering a tailored assessment that considers the sector’s specific needs, from compliance to audience engagement.

It’s designed to assess your company’s social media ecosystem through a comprehensive analysis combining cutting edge AI and human expertise known as ‘human in the loop’ (HITL). The score uses external factors, such as engagement rates and corporate identity, with internal factors, including your creative team and your strategic vision to create a measurable score that can be used to track progress and effectiveness. It takes many levels of complex data and context and boils it down to something easily accessible, but which has real weight and validity in marketing.

Benefits of the Social Maturity Score

  • Objective Analysis: Receive a clear, numerical assessment of your company’s social media performance, enabling a data-driven approach to strategy refinement.
  • Strategic Improvement: Gain insights into areas of strength and opportunities for growth. Our score provides actionable recommendations to elevate your social content and engagement strategies.
  • Benchmarking: Compare your performance against peers within the industry through our Social Maturity Index. This comparative analysis fosters a competitive edge, encouraging continuous improvement.

How It Works

We calculate a Social Maturity Score using a blend of meticulously captured external factors which are given vital context by self-reported internal factors — both are needed to create an accurate score. This includes, among others, engagement metrics, social monitoring capabilities, content strategy, and technological infrastructure, which are used to generate a score between 1 and 100, with detailed breakdowns across five critical areas: People, Process, Technology, Impact, and Communication. The result is an incredibly nuanced, actionable snapshot of your social media landscape.

Getting Your Score

The impact of AI on life sciences extends far beyond social media analytics. From drug discovery and patient diagnostics to personalised medicine and operational efficiencies, AI's potential is vast. We've observed how AI can streamline research processes, making it faster and more cost-effective to bring new treatments to market. Additionally, AI-driven tools are revolutionising patient care by enabling more precise diagnostics and tailored treatment plans. To us, this underscores the importance of the Social Maturity Score: it provides a gateway for life sciences companies to integrate AI into their strategic initiatives, ensuring they are not only current with technological advancements but also positioned to leverage AI for comprehensive industry innovation. Using this score is part of an important holistic approach, with the values of a business running through every aspect of operations, including digital marketing.

How AI is changing the game for Life Sciences

Finding your Social Maturity Score begins with a simple step: reach out to Buzz Radar. Our team will guide you through the process, from the initial survey that captures your internal metrics to the comprehensive analysis that pinpoints your external engagement metrics. This allows us to situate your company within a broader industry context, helping with benchmarking and strategic alignment with best practices.

Preparing for AI

Implementing the Social Maturity Score effectively requires a strategic operational model that encompasses technology, people, and processes. Our work with life sciences companies has underscored the necessity of this holistic approach:

Technology: Integrating AI requires a robust technological infrastructure, including data management tools, machine learning platforms, and security measures to protect sensitive information. Companies must evaluate their current tech stack, identifying gaps and planning upgrades to support AI-driven analytics and decision-making.

People: The human element is critical in the AI equation. Teams need training to understand and interact with AI tools, ensuring they can interpret data accurately and make informed decisions. Furthermore, fostering a culture of innovation and adaptability is essential for organisations to embrace AI's potential fully.

Processes: Clear processes must be established to govern AI implementation, from data collection and analysis to action-taking based on insights. These processes should ensure compliance with industry regulations, particularly concerning patient data and privacy. Moreover, they must be agile, allowing for iterative improvement as AI technologies evolve.

If this technology and data is handled well, with nuance and expertise, life sciences companies can create a solid foundation for leveraging AI, including the Social Maturity Score, to enhance their social media strategies and beyond. This strategic approach prepares companies for current challenges but also positions them to capitalise on future opportunities as AI technologies advance.

Final Thoughts

Life Sciences is an area where Innovation is the currency of success. There is plenty of innovation in the research, manufacture and traditional marketing sides of the industry. However, digital marketing and social media can be overlooked. Using this tool gives you a nuanced understanding of a businesses’ social media maturity, and a clear, actionable roadmap to harnessing the full potential of their social media efforts. From there you can embrace the insights and use them to elevate your strategy and benchmark your success.

Published on 2023-04-15 09:30:02