In the Moment: Cannes Lions 2014

Each year, the advertising world descends on France in an annual tradition to celebrate creativity in the field. Cannes Lions is the world's biggest annual awards show and festival for professionals in the creative communications industry. And we've been following along. Here's our recap from the start of the festival to Wednesday:

At the 61st Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, storytelling is THE main topic. It has been a major influence throughout the week's activities, from Twitter's #LiveStories to real-time marketing, content marketing, and social engagement. As Sir Patrick Stewart said, "There is a hunger for this kind of in the moment excitement. People today are excited by that -- by the immediacy of it. It connects to events; it connects them to people instantly."

And this is more relevant than ever. Creatives have caught on to the importance of these aspects. Here at Buzz Radar, we believe there is a great story in the data if you know how to tell it. Using all we know about Cannes Lions, we want to bring this story to you:

Social@Ogilvy has consistently produced engaging content all week, keeping their fans in the know with all that's happening at Cannes Lions. And with 24k mentions, they are clearly the winner at the social game for #CannesLions this year. The brand is also leading the way for brands being talked about, with Twitter in second place. In fact, Ogilvy shows more than the official account for Cannes Lions, followed by @Scullather, @ThamKhiMeng and @SirPatStew. Ogilvy's Tham Khai Meng, CCO, has also been the more popular speaker, with Jared Leto and Spike Jonze being another fan favorite.

In the over 78k mentions for Cannes Lions, the Media Lions, Selfies from Space, the classic beach views, Tham Khai Meng, David Karp, and Mark Parker are all other major topics grabbing attendees' (social) attention. Creativity, inspire, create, and future all feature prominently in the discussion emerging. And this focus on the future, inspiration and creativity is showing up in the photos and videos taking over the social space. With over 11,000 photos already shared and more than 200 short videos, Cannes Lions is reaching more than 785 million this year. From Kanye West on stage to Young Lion parties, attendees are getting creative in how they share their experience.

We all want to react to the speed, pace and energy of the moment. And even if you're not there, you can still take part in the action. With Twitter's #LiveStories, share your reactions to what's happening. And following the festival, we'll be giving you another update on all that happened.

Published on 2014-06-20 11:31:48