How Our Psychometric AI Audience Analysis Works

Who is listening to your brand? Who is your customer? At the core, marketing is about understanding your consumers and tailoring your content to engage them on a deeper level. Budweiser knows its audience is largely blue-collar workers, so each Super Bowl, they tailor their commercials with imagery that makes their customers feel known: farms, factories, rural America.

Those commercials would be less effective if Budweiser didn’t know their audience. Audience analysis allows you to understand which content topics and formats are interesting to your audience. You can use these insights for long-term content strategy and to better and more efficiently organize your content and marketing teams.

Consumers want content tailored to them. Personalisation is the future. 83% of executives are increasing their investments in personalisation. But do you know how to optimise it? Less than 40% of companies are using basic targeting. Learning how to optimise AI and personalisation is key to growing your audience and reaching your consumers. And we can help demystify it.

Great audience analysis will allow you to start your marketing strategy by building an effective content marketing funnel based on your audience’s interests. Every single content piece you put out is aligned with your audience's interests and therefore successful in moving users towards conversion. When you know your audience, you can craft tailored content at each stage of the journey.

Brands traditionally have relied upon analysis of what users like online and similar brands. However, technology has greatly advanced, and we have the opportunity to dive deeper into our consumers’ real personalities. Using Watson’s AI Personality Analysis and our platform, we can take your user base and then aggregate and anonymise that data (always gotta be GDPR compliant!). The result isn’t a guess at who your customers are, but a list of the most common personality traits and what motivates your audience. We’re able to use your audience’s writing style, tone, and likes to create an accurate personality model of your base.

Audience Analysis of Formula E

You can see that the average consumer for Formula E is an Entrepreneur.

Audience Personality

That info in and of itself can revolutionise your marketing funnel. But we didn’t stop there. We’ve taken those insights and coupled it with our AI-powered content optimiser. We can then analyse your content and make real-time recommendations based on who your audience is.

AI Recommendations

For example, in the report above, we can see that content that is tweaked to be more direct, put Formula E out there more, and be more supportive would better resonate and convert the core audience. As Formula E adjusts their content, the AI recommendations adjust as well. So, you can see the fruit of your labors and know what’s working.

So, how does it work exactly? We partnered with IBM Watson AI engineers for the past three years to develop this program. By detecting the profiles of everyone who interacts with your brand and competitors, Audience Analyser automatically captures all the publicly available social data from those mentioning and following your target audience across social media. It psychometrically analyses millions of posts to create personality maps around 50 core traits based around OCEAN (Big 5) and Myers Briggs Models of personality. It analyses the personality of each individual and then assigns them to an audience segment that can be customised to your brand's pre-existing persona or tribe categories. It does this all while staying compliant with GDPR through a process of aggregation and anonymisation. The result is incredibly accurate and detailed profiles of your audience’s personalities, simultaneously matched against the tone of your brand’s content. This process used to involve a three-month extensive research period. This puzzling and labyrinthine procedure can now be truncated into a single month of effort, saving huge amounts of resources for all parties involved, along with more accurate results.

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Published on 2019-08-08 14:32:38