Holiday Magic: 6 Examples Of Brands Winning With Visuals

We talk a lot about how the brain craves visuals and the power of a visually strong content strategy. But how are brands making the most of this and their data? We have a few favorites that have shown the advertising world how to do it this holiday season:

John Lewis
We'd be remiss if we didn't mention John Lewis. The brand is now reknown for creating some of the best holiday adverts. Last year it was Monty the Penguin, this year it's Man on the Moon. And the videos always manage to trend. Focusing on storytelling is one John Lewis's strengths. The storytelling in their videos is superb and plays on the childlike nature in us all.

A departure from their normal advertising, Macy’s invested in a long-form video this year. Again, we see the brand seeing the value in storytelling. Their Wish Maker video not only is on brand for a company that is often synonymous with Christmas, it leaves the watcher feeling deep emotions arising from the sweet story that incorporates the “magic of Macy’s”.

The Yule Log on repeat is a staple for many, and Lagavulin channeled the perfect spokesperson for their brand: Nick Offerman sipping on their scotch by a fire. This 45-minute silent video replaces the standard Yule Log video and offers a bit of humour, putting their brand in front of a broader audience in a relevant way.


HBO knows they create solid series. Between Game of Thrones, Girls, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver and more, pop culture is littered with references to their shows. And HBO plays perfectly off that and our culture's FOMO.


Playing off the natural tendency for many to host and impress during the holidays, IKEA is providing holiday how-to's to boost your hosting abilities. With holiday imagery and helpful instructional videos, IKEA is keeping their brand in your holiday mindset in an engaging and relevant way.

Loterías y Apuestas del Estado
Spain’s national lottery will definitely tug on your heart strings. Using a nightshift security guard at a mannequin factory to deliver unexpected acts of kindness, he becomes the hero and a vehicle for the viewers to feel like they could be too. But they didn't leave the guard in the video. Justino is incorporated throughout the website, keeping the connection going.

Here's hoping these examples give you some inspiration, and don't forget us when you need to start showcasing all your great visual content. Happy Holidays!

Published on 2015-12-23 18:13:26