Football Season Returns: Watching the Premier League

The new Premier League season kicked off this weekend. With the World Cup already under our belts, football (or soccer to our American friends!) is back, and so is Buzz Radar, ready to give you the most complete picture minute by minute, game by game.

First, we have the full Premier League 3x3 visualisation. Drawing from all the hashtags used by fans of the clubs, this gives the biggest possible picture of the conversation round the competition.

Reflecting the breadth of posts being pulled in, there are two "Most Talked About" panels which dig deep into the discussion and show who and what are the most talked about Official Partners, Broadcasters, Shirt Sponsors, Kit Manufacturers and Managers are. Of course, during the season we can add even more topics and brands -- even players -- to show who and what is getting a boost from 24/7 football chat.

The "Share of Voice" panel shows which of the teams competing for the championship are winning the battle for most committed fans: whose supporters are dominating the social media space.

To reflect the ultra-fast world of modern football, the "Most Influential" panel updates every hour, rather than every day, showing whose making waves right here, right now.

It also has one of the most impressive heat maps we've produced, with conversation all over the globe reflecting the global appeal of the Premier League.

You can see it live on our homepage demo and fuel your football fandom.

Published on 2014-08-18 03:30:03