Cannes Lions - Adobe and the #CannesLions Brand Competition

The Delegates at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity this year encountered the Grand Audi Theatre with a new perspective, in the form of Social Data - visualized.  Buzz Radar and Adobe partnered with the festival to create the biggest indoor visualizations of social data, using the hashtag, #canneslions. We monitored the most mentioned brands and speakers of the festival as well as the latest tweets and photos tagged with hashtag, #canneslions.  This became the main focus of the delegate's attention in between the seminars, and our creative visualizations promoted interaction with the attendees of the festival to result in 91,446 total mentions.

Working with Adobe's creative team, branding team, and social media team, we partnered to create a visual that suited both Adobe and the Cannes Lions festival.  Adobe became the 3rd most mentioned brand at the festival, and was part of a social reach of 542,032,912. As Technology and the questions of what to do with Big Data were prominent at the festival this year, the delegates of the festival were pleased to see a visual advancement of both these components.

By the 3rd day of the Festival of Creativity, Buzz Radar had become the medium for a competition among brand mentions. Ogilvy was clearly leading the brand mentions with a well rehearsed and focused social strategy. Twitter, appropriately, was the 2nd most mentioned brand at the festival as their platform contributed to 98% of the data produced. Towards the last days of the festival, Ogilvy was successfully battling to keep their place and were only overshadowed when P Ditty, Deb Roy from Twitter, and Conan O'Brien took the stage.

Published on 2013-07-03 12:59:56