Being Part Of The Google Community

As a dynamic and evolving startup, we seek out products that can help us grow as rapidly as our ambition. Recently, we participated in Google's Growth Engine website. Google's goal is to inspire businesses and help empower small business entrepreneurs to maximize the power of the web and it's resources.

Why is this important? Small businesses that fully embrace the web generate new jobs almost twice as fast as those that do not and are 50% more likely to sell their products or services outside their region.

We know the power of data and technology. And we are constantly striving to improve. In addition to being fans of Google's email services, we also have adopted regular use of Google's other products, ranging from Google AdWords and Google Analytics to the highly sophisticated software language AngularJS. Being a part of the Google community challenges us. Check out Google's Growth Engine, and a bit more of our story below:

Published on 2015-04-01 01:17:39