Behind the Debate: UK General Election Social Data

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With the second debate behind us, the UK General Election 2015 is heating up. We know that social media will be integral in influencing voters throughout the campaigning for the election. So, we partnered with our friends at new publication, The Memo, to really explore the conversations taking place ahead of the big vote.

You can view the dashboard above, where we'll be examining:

  • Share of voice between the political parties

  • The people and issues most talked about

  • Today’s most used words about the election

  • Key stats from the last 24 hours

So, what happened last Thursday during the debate?

Labour was the most talked about party with 84% negative and 16% positive sentiment. Conservatives followed up in second with 66% negative and 32% positive sentiment. While the Liberal Democrats came in third in this category, their sentiment was much better at 52% positive and 48% negative.

Miliband was the most talked about leader with sentiment at 58% negative and 42% positive. Cameron came in second with 67% negative and 33% positive sentiment. Clegg rounded out at third with equal sentiment scores at 50%.

Social data isn't enough to fully call the UK election but it does provide some insight into how voters are responding to their debate performances. Follow along with us and The Memo as we continue to analyze the data ahead of all the votes.

Published on 2015-05-03 21:00:11