Do not rely on gut instinct;
Understand your Audience Artificial Intelligence.

Find what really makes your customers tick
with AI Audience Analysis.

The next generation in audience analysis

Psychometrically profile your followers, influencers and those discussing your brand in a deeper, more meaningful way than ever before. Audience AI reads all the publicly available posts from an individual to learn about their personality traits, interests, professions, culture and consumer preferences that drive your audience. Give our demo a try, and imagine having that level of understanding for your entire audience!

The next generation in Audience and Content Optimisation

Predict how new content will perform

A great understanding of your audience is one thing, but how can you use that to create content that resonates

With Audience AI we capture and analyse your content from your website, social channels and even press releases and test it instantly against the virtual audience created by Audience AI. We provide predictive insight and powerful recommendations into how your can adjust your creative content to chime with your audience perfectly.

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The next generation in Audience and Content Optimisation

Create & discover data-driven brand personas

By using data that truly understands your audience, we create accurate personas or tribes based on them. Profiling each individual, we can map them into each persona or tribe grouping, giving you an accurate picture of where to focus your marketing efforts. Audience AI can also take examples of audience personas you want to attract and help you discover influencers or partners that have similar audiences for you to align with.

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The next generation in Audience and Content Optimisation

Built with help from IBM Watson

We spent two years developing Audience AI alongside IBM Watson’s AI engineers. Audience Analyser psychometrically analyses millions of posts to create personality maps around 50 core traits, based around OCEAN and Myers Briggs personality Models. This is combined with Natural Language Understanding to detect professions and interests and reinforced with machine learning to continually improve our models. The result is incredibly accurate and detailed profiles of your audience’s personalities and preferences.

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Compliant with privacy laws and GDPR

With such powerful technology comes a great responsibility to use data ethically and within all legal and industry guidelines. That’s why, even though we only use publicly available social posts, we anonymise and aggregate all identifiable user data and don’t store any specific customer identifying data after processing, all in compliance with GDPR.

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The next generation in Audience and Content Optimisation