Luxury Fashion Brand

Know Your Audience

One of the most forward-thinking luxury fashion brands uses our real-time nature to huge effect during Fashion Week product launches. During a 20-minute runway show, this brand uses buzz Radar for a series of actions to create the most effective ads and campaigns from the data coming from their target audience.

Social team members assemble in a war room equipped with Buzz Radar and Twitter / Facebook ad buying tools. As the show starts, Buzz Radar visualises real-time chatter about the show. Of most interest to the team is who is the most talked about model, what are the most talked about products, which key influencers are talking and what the sentiment is. The team then uses this information to optimise hero content to be posted immediately after the show. Getting the most talked about model with the most talked about product creates the hero image.

This content is then posted to social channels, and then the team can see which of the key posts hits a pre-defined threshold of success first. This content is then promoted instantly via Twitter/ Facebook ad tools. The result is an 80% share of voice against their competition.